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Just because there isn't a safe system for winning baccarat doesn't mean you have to blow up your money. Baccarat is not bingo, a few tips can help you with your game and increase your chances of winning.

Check the Odds

Before playing at a new casino, first check that the odds for baccarat betting are correct. The bank's normal commission is 5%, but some casinos take up to 25% commission on this bet.

Some casinos offer less than 5% commissions as well which is huge, so be very careful with those. The player's normal odds should be equal (1:1). It never varies. A tie almost always has a 1 in 8 chance of coming out, which is obviously terrible value and a bet that should be avoided.

Do Not Bet on Equality

One important and very clear thing is that you should never bet on a tie. The bank takes a commission of 14.36%, which is even worse than betting a 4 in craps.

So why are so many Baccarat players making this bet? Because it pays 9 to 1. It is true that this coast is very enticing, and for some, even irresistible.

The problem is that a tie only happens about once every 10 hands. Bets on a draw could pay off big. But you are more likely to lose your capital on what professional Baccarat players consider a bad bet.

Bet on the Banker

The bank's commission is 1.24%. The commission on the banker's side is 1.09%, even with the 5% commission that is taken from winning hands. So you don't have to be a great mathematician to understand that it is better to side with the banker. Statistics say you should play on the banker's side for a better chance of winning.

If you are using a progressive betting system, bet on the spawn. This advice may seem to contradict the one above. After all, we advised the banker. Now we advise you to bet on the spawning.


You have a better chance of winning any hand betting on the banker than on the spawner, that's obvious. But there are situations where ultimately the latter is the optimal choice.

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